Gratefulness Challenge Day 1

Ok, here goes. I figured for day 1 of my 30 Day Gratefulness Challenge I’d make it easy on myself and knock some big hitters off the list. Leave the creativity for once I reach double digits.

1. Change: I know there are many people out there that may hate change, but I absolutely love it! Change is the reason that one moment you can be at the lowest of lows and the next, without any warning, you can be on top of the world. Now sure this also means that change could cause you to end up back at the bottom again without any warning, but it is certain to bounce you back up to the top sooner or later as long as you are open to it. Change is also the reason why yesterday I finished writing a post about how I wasn’t very busy and then opened my email a few hours later to a flood of opportunities being thrown my way. Looks like the next few months might not be as quiet as I had anticipated…

2. The satisfaction of working hard: I thought long and hard about how best to word this one. At first I thought of saying “the benefits of working hard” but that seemed a tad too selfish. The I considered changing benefits for rewards, but that sounded even worse. I even thought of just leaving it simply as “working hard” but that was far too vague and easy to misconstrue. Because the feeling of satisfaction from working hard is actually quite selfless if done right.

The creative pursuits I take on are awesome and do have many satisfying moments such as when you get that grant, put on a great show or accomplish an artistic goal. Generally though the satisfaction is somewhat delayed from when the work was done and it also tends to be short-lived.

One of the things that I do to make ends meet is that I am a food wench (yes that is my job title) at Medieval Times. It is also the place where I will be spending a large part of this coming weekend, hence the extra acknowledgement of it today. People often ask me why after three years I still keep this job on the side. I have enough other things on my plate that it isn’t really necessary. The truth is that there is something really satisfying about going to work, putting in your best effort and seeing immediate results: smiling, well fed  customers. Worries about wenching don’t keep me up at night wondering if I put in enough hard work to make it all happen. It’s not that I don’t care about what I do, it’s just nice to have something that shows me I’ve done a good job right away. It makes those lags between positive results on my other projects seem less drawn out.

In all areas of life though, I find that working hard tends to lead to satisfying results, even if it isn’t immediate. The number of opportunities I have been given that I honestly was beyond under qualified for are ridiculous and the only reason I got them was because I had a track record of working hard.

3. Moments of Inspiration: They don’t come often, but when they do ride them baby! My personal favourites are the ones that come when you haven’t been praying to the creativity gods for a stroke of genius to arrive. Their way more fun because suddenly it feels like christmas has come before you even began to count down the days. I’m especially a fan of when they come late at night and bring with them a sudden burst of energy which keeps you up far too late but reinvigorates you more than an entire day of sleep ever could. Why do you think I’m writing this at 5am? Just don’t ask me how I feel about sudden inspiration tomorrow morning….

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