Gratefulness Challenge Day 2

Well the world definitely decided to challenge me yesterday when it came to being grateful. Knowing that I had to wake up the next day and come up with 3 things I was grateful for actually helped make the frustrations a little easier to deal with. Hence day 2 of my Gratefulness Challenge has naturally themed itself “how to get through the not-so-great moments.”

1. Having a thick skin: On days when things just aren’t going quite as great as you planned a thick skin comes in pretty handy. Sometimes the people and events around us kind of suck! Generally though, a bad day isn’t one huge event, it is a series of teeny tiny events that when put together equal a terrible day. That was my day today. Nothing ridiculously bad happened, just a few not so awesome moments that got me kind of down. The reality is though that I don’t have much control over how the people around me choose to act, all I can do is choose how I am going to let their actions affect me. My thick skins lets other people’s issues (for the most part) roll off my back without causing any major damage.

Now this isn’t to say that I’m a human doormat. If anything I am known to be a tad over the top with my assertiveness. When something genuinely bad is being thrown in my face (whether figurative or literal) that skin of mine, which was so good at letting the small stuff slip right off it, suddenly becomes awesome at throwing the junk right back at whoever sent it my way. Because my thick skin knows that it is better to save the energy it would take to acknowledge the day to day annoyances and instead use that extra power to really let em have it when things get serious.

2. Being able to laugh at myself: I didn’t used to always be very good at this. Taking yourself seriously all the time though is such a nuisance! ESPECIALLY when you’re not having the best of days. Suddenly every problem is impossible to fix and every mistake you make brings your world crashing to the ground. I don’t know about you but that sounds absolutely terrible.

Laughter is the best medicine didn’t become a cliché for nothing. When things are really not going your way sometimes all you need is a good laugh. It breaks the tension and changes the energy in the room. Suddenly keeping going seems a whole lot easier. And if the thing you are laughing at is yourself, even better. Being able to find joy in the silly things we do reminds us that we are human. It takes the pressure off you to be perfect and gives you and those around you permission to just enjoy the crazy ride.

Today I had a few moments where I simply started acting silly to make myself and everyone around me get a good laugh. I also had a few instances where what I was doing was so ridiculous that I couldn’t help but giggle. Some people call that kind of behaviour “crazy” I call it “making the day worth living.” The day was still hard, but the moments of laughter are far more memorable than any of the bad stuff in between.

3. Pleasant surprises: Whether it is a run in with an old friend, a forgotten $20 bill in a coat pocket or a gift for no occasion other than it being Sunday, surprises rock! Suddenly regardless of how you were feeling before there is a big grin on your face. They make us feel special and remind us we are loved because someone has gone out of their way to do something nice for you without any expectation other than to make you happy.

As I was leaving work today and feeling pretty beat, I looked down at my phone and saw I had a text from my cousin. It wasn’t anything fancy, just her telling me that she was thinking of me and loved me, but it sent a little charge through my entire body. I couldn’t help but feel happy knowing that someone had me in mind.

If you’re in need of a pleasant surprise today, or just a chance to laugh, check out this SoulPancake video ‘Heart Attack.’ The surprise may not be specifically directed at you but I bet you it will still have a similar effect. I’ve been watching it on repeat all morning.

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