Gratefulness Challenge Day 9

So today’s Gratefulness Challenge post is going to be short and sweet. Not because I’m any less grateful than usual. Sometimes it just doesn’t take a lot to get the point across.

1. Sleep: Never have I been so happy to see my bed as when I got home last night. Sleep is so precious in my life right now and I was exhausted. Getting to drift off into slumber and then magically wake up refreshed and ready to greet the day is so wonderful! It’s as if the simple act of shutting your eyes and then opening them again is able to make you see the world in an entirely new light.

2. Children’s contagious happiness:¬†You know how sometimes when you’re not feeling awesome happy people drive you crazy? They try and cheer you up but instead of their emotions rubbing off on you, they just rub you the wrong way. Have you noticed though that when it’s kids generally, at least a little bit of their joy rubs off. Maybe it’s just me but when a kid is smiling at me all excited I can’t help but feel a little better. I think it’s because it’s clear that their happiness is so genuine and without motive.

I got to meet some pretty sweet kids today and they reminded me just how awesome life is. I need to remember to see the world through a child’s eyes more often. They have a great perspective on the world.

3. The future:


Yep, That picture pretty much sums it up. I’m grateful for what is to come. Life has so much potential in its path!

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