Straight to Video

VideoStore_webAnyone in Dawson City, Yukon? I’m not, but my work is!

My short dance video Steps Apart is a part of Under New Management’s Video Rental Store Project which will be going up at ODD Gallery at the Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC) from March 7 to April 12.

“Customers” are asked to pay what they wish, which can be interpreted as cash, a non-monetary exchange, critique, or no remuneration.  Any payment received from rental is returned to the artist once the exhibit is complete, therefor creating a direct link between the audience and the artist.

There is work by many wonderful artists included as part of the collection. Who knows what you may stumble upon!

If you want to join them for the opening night reception, or visit on any other day during the exhibition you can find more information and the exhibition program on the ODD Gallery website.

For more information about past renditions of the Video Rental Store Project take a look at the Toronto Star review of the original store that took place in Toronto.

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