Your Dance Fest

Presented by random acts of dance performance, and directed by Candice Irwin, Your Dance Fest is a new format of talking and presenting dance. Join us August 25th to 27th at the Oakwood Village Library and Arts Centre for performances, workshops, parties and more! Get your tickets!

What is Your Dance Fest?
People think that dancers are the experts on dance, but that’s not totally true. We may be the experts on how to make dance, but you, our audience, are the experts on how to watch dance.
Your Dance Fest is about making an event that is all about you, the dance watching experts. We want you to tell us what you want to see, and then we’ll make it happen. We’re asking you to be our editors so that the final product is something you find interesting.
Usually the work shown at a dance festival is chosen by other dancers (since we’re considered the “experts”). Instead, what we do at Your Dance Fest is we have a group of community members who think dance is cool, but might not know much about it, as our main curators. What we’ve found is that people who aren’t “dancers” give some of the most honest and genuine feedback about dance. We want to encourage those types of discussions!