Incase You Missed Rapid Eye Movement

Back in March I was part of Beats and Intentions: an awesome emerging artist program put on by Expect Theatre. Myself and fifteen other dancers and musicians spend two weeks together learning about the business of the arts and creating a collaborative show together. The final product, Rapid Eye Movement, was present at The Citadel Theatre to a very small and sold out audience. So for those weren’t able to catch the show, take a peak at the archival video that Expect Theatre put together.



When Did Customer Service Become Such a Battle?

I hate to complain, but I am oh so very tired of customers that feel they have the right to treat employes poorly and staff that give subpar customer service. As someone who has always worked in customer service in one way or another I am appalled to witness the way we treat each other within this industry.  It seems like every time I go to work their is someone screaming in one of my coworkers faces and every time I go out there is some employe who looks like they absolutely hate their life.

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Knowing My Injured Body

So first lets start with a reality check. If you are partaking in a physical activity on a professional level, chances are you are going to get hurt. Actually, in all honesty, you will get hurt. I’d go so far as to put money on it and I bet I’d walk away a very wealthy woman. Our bodies are amazing creations able of withstanding unbelievable amounts of physical strain, but everyone has a breaking point. And if you are going to dedicate your life to constantly pushing your body’s physical abilities, there will come a day where you push just a little too far and something has to give. Athletes seem to understand this fact. Many dancers though do not seem to have accepted this grim reality.

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My Dirty Little Dance Secret

I haven’t been to a dance class in three months, or at least not a traditional class. I’ve been to various creative workshops, weekly yoga, classes in other movement disciplines, cardio workouts and rehearsals, but I haven’t been to class. What’s more is that I have never been happier or felt stronger.

Throughout my education I was told that to stay in shape I had to always be taking weekly dance classes. It had to be a part of my regular routine. So upon finishing school I became diligent about going to classes a minimum of three times a week. I would drag myself to classes many days having no desire to be there, but having this voice in the back of my head saying that I MUST attend or else. But what really is that “or else”?

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I Think I Might Be Falling In Love With Toronto

Words I never thought I would say. I’ve always been under the impression from meeting people and from my own experience that for the most part the people in love with this city are the ones who were born and raised here. My answer when people ask about how I feel about living in Toronto generally goes something along the lines of the following: “I love the life living in Toronto offers me, I’m not sure if I really love the city itself.”

I’ve heard that it takes a good five years before a new city really starts to feel like home. But feeling at home in this city hasn’t been the issue. My five year anniversary is quickly approaching and I feel very at ease calling Toronto my home. I have an apartment I love, a neighbourhood I enjoy, a slew of phenomenal friends and work which makes me happy. So how did I get from simply feeling at home in Toronto to falling in love with the city? I don’t have a definite answer, but I have a few ideas.

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