Gratefulness Challenge Day 3

Woot! Already this is starting to feel easier! Maybe I’m just in the honeymoon stage of my relationship with my Gratefulness Challenge, but I feel like already I am looking at things just a little differently. It was hard to pick only three things to write about today. Get back to me around day 25 when I am racking my brain for things to be grateful for.

1. Having people I can count on: You know that person that you know you can call no matter the hour and if you really need their help they will drop everything in a second and be there for you? Aren’t they the best! It doesn’t matter how big the request is, if they are able to help they will. You can trust that they will never let you down.¬†I feel really lucky that I have more than one person who I know I can ask for almost anything and they will either do it for me or help me find someone that can.

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