Gratefulness Challenge Day 26

My Gratefulness Challenge is soon coming to an end. It has been a big commitment this month to find time daily to write these posts, but I am really glad to be doing it. It has helped me see my life through a more optimistic lens and to realize just how lucky I am even in my lowest moments. Just being in a position where I am so privileged that I forget to be grateful for all the great stuff in my life is something in and of itself to be grateful for.

These posts have also gotten me really excited about writing and blogging. Regularly exercising my writing skills has helped me feel much more comfortable blogging and has helped stemmed so many other ideas for projects and post in the weeks to come. It has gotten me on a role! Can’t wait to share my future journeys with you all.

1. Public Transportation: Public transportation is far from perfect. If I could I would change many things about it and I know that I am prone to complaining. I would like it to go faster, be cheaper, and come more regularly. As I was waiting to get on the subway today though I had this moment where for no reason I started to think about how different my life would be without public transport.

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Gratefulness Challenge Day 6

I felt a little ADD with today’s post. I kept picking three things, beginning to write and then changing my mind and starting again. I kept asking myself “Is that really something I’m GRATEFUL for?” Because there are tons of things I like or that make me happy or that are important to me, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I am grateful for them. Hmmmm I think there’s a larger question in that statement to do with priorities… I’ll save that thought for another post on another day. Onwards with the Gratefulness Challenge!

1. Being able to problem solve: A few days ago I was trying to get some footage of mine off of a DVD, today I was trying to use basic HTML code without any knowledge about the system at all. I was able to solve both problems all on my own and it felt great! Ok sure google helped a bit, but I still had to do the reading and figure out how to make it work.

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