Ontario DanceWeekend with Tziporah Productions

Dance Ontario DanceWeekend is only days away! I’ve been working with Tziporah Productions on a remount of their piece Nature of Things. The work is about the mating rituals of birds and its similarities with human mating rituals. This is told through a fusion of dance styles such as jazz, african and contemporary as well as theatre. We are just one of the many amazing dance acts taking place throughout the three day festival. What makes it even better is that the entire event is pay what you can!

Take a peak at our teaser video below and then come check us out on Saturday the 17th at 6pm at Harbourfront Centre’s Fleck Dance Theatre. It’s going to be a great weekend!

Healthy Dancer Canada’s 6th Annual Conference

999471_10153230122610714_2122329437_nA healthy dancer is a happy dancer and, in my eyes, the only way to stay healthy is to stay educated!

Dancers, educators and health practitioners are invited to a day of dance health learning at Healthy Dancer Canada’s 6th Annual Conference on Sunday October 6th taking place at the Dancemakers Centre in Toronto, ON. The theme of this year’s conference is Dancer Health and Wellness: the Art and Science RevealedIt is going to be a great day filled with interesting lectures, fun filled workshops, engaging talks, beautiful dancing and probably a bit of an information overload. It is bound to be a fantastic day filled with invaluable information.

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Venez danser avec moi cet été/Comme Dance With Me This Summer (en français)!

Did you know that the Harbourfront Centre is running french summer camps during the month of July? Did you know that I will be the director of the french dance camp? Well, it’s happening! The camps are being run in collaboration with Collège Boréal and will be taking place in the heart of downtown Toronto. All programming will be run entirely in french and facilitated by a stellar group of staff.

We would love to have you join us at Dance camp, Creative Arts camp, Discovery camp, Young Authors camp or Young Journalists camp! Personally, I would love to see you at Dance camp with me, but I’d be just as happy to know you were hanging out with the directors from any of the other camps. But incase you just aren’t sure which camp you want to attend here is a sneak peak of what my dancing campers and I will be getting up to this summer:

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Knowing My Injured Body

So first lets start with a reality check. If you are partaking in a physical activity on a professional level, chances are you are going to get hurt. Actually, in all honesty, you will get hurt. I’d go so far as to put money on it and I bet I’d walk away a very wealthy woman. Our bodies are amazing creations able of withstanding unbelievable amounts of physical strain, but everyone has a breaking point. And if you are going to dedicate your life to constantly pushing your body’s physical abilities, there will come a day where you push just a little too far and something has to give. Athletes seem to understand this fact. Many dancers though do not seem to have accepted this grim reality.

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My Dirty Little Dance Secret

I haven’t been to a dance class in three months, or at least not a traditional class. I’ve been to various creative workshops, weekly yoga, classes in other movement disciplines, cardio workouts and rehearsals, but I haven’t been to class. What’s more is that I have never been happier or felt stronger.

Throughout my education I was told that to stay in shape I had to always be taking weekly dance classes. It had to be a part of my regular routine. So upon finishing school I became diligent about going to classes a minimum of three times a week. I would drag myself to classes many days having no desire to be there, but having this voice in the back of my head saying that I MUST attend or else. But what really is that “or else”?

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