Have Something to Say About Dance and Health?

BGyYjDsCMAAlAP2.jpg-largeWell we want to hear it!

I am a board member with Healthy Dance Canada – The Dance Health Alliance of Canada and we are currently gearing up for our 6th annual conference on October 6, 2013 in Toronto! Presently we are accepting proposals from dance professionals, educators and health practitioners interested in dance who wish to present as part of the conference.

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So Many Dancers, So Little Time

885595_10151528484421885_1665154935_oIn Toronto and not sure what to do this Sunday? Come listen to 60 original compositions and watch dances by 60 local choreographers all in one hour!

60×60 Dance Toronto features one minute compositions by Canadian composers. 60 Toronto based choreographers were invited to created dances to these pieces of music and they will all be performed one right after the other this Sunday at the Al Green Theatre. All genres of music and styles of dance will be represented, so it is sure to be an eclectic and thrilling one hour extravaganza!

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What You Get When You Put a Dancer in a Bathtub

I somewhat secretly mentioned this project about a month ago but never went into much detail. I am currently working on a new dance video with my good friend and fellow artist Aria Evans. We officially completed the first version of the work entitled Deluge this past week and it is currently entered in Dansens Dag’s 60 seconds dance competition.

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Gratefulness Challenge Day 5

It is turning out to be a busy week! Lots of work, lots of creative opportunities beginning to present themselves and lots of things to be grateful for! Today’s gratefulness challenge list seems to have somehow ¬†themed itself the “busy dance artist” list. I guess it is about time I talk about my career path.

1. Having a flexible schedule:¬†So as I have mentioned before I like to be busy. I don’t think I’ve made it clear just how busy my definition of busy is. Right now for example I am working four jobs plus doing an internship. I am in the pre-production stages for three new projects and have about five different applications on the go. Plus I try to make it to weekly dance classes, workout and make time for friends and family. And this to me is not really that busy of a week. People think I’m crazy and that I never sleep and though I do have the occasional sleepless night I actually get a lot of time to relax believe it or not. Here is how.

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