Gratefulness Challenge Day 13

What a busy, busy Wednesday! Lots of trekking around town to then spend time in various studios either rehearsing, teaching or taking class. Pretty much a dancers dream day. Therefore lots of inspiration for things to write about in today’s Gratefulness Challenge post came from travelling to new places and meeting new people.

1. Tea:¬†This is the first inanimate object I have put on the list so far. It’s really quite silly, but a great cup of tea is one of my favourite things after a long day. Plus I’m still battling a bit of a cold this week so tea has been extra comforting.

I think that I got my love of tea from my mom. She is an even bigger tea enthousiast than myself. I can remember having real tea parties with her and my grandma from a very young age. I even had my very own fancy mini tea cups to drink out of. When I got older I then got to pick from my mom’s tea cup collection. What kid wouldn’t fall in love with drinking tea when it was made into such a fun and special event.

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