Helping Make Play Safer

My mom is a pretty awesome person. I’ve sung her praises before. One of the most recent awesome things she has done is to band together with my aunt to start their own company. Three cheers for entrepreneurship! What’s even more amazing is the business they have decided to create: a gluten free, allergy friendly play dough called Giggles Fun Dough.

You may be wondering why play dough needs to be so free of allergens, kids just play with it right? But we all know that anything that goes on a kids’ hands also goes in their mouth. Everything must be tasted as far as children are concerned. So they have created a dough that is free of corn, dairy, eggs, fish, gluten, mustard, peanuts, sesame, shellfish, soy, sulphites, tree nuts, and wheat. There are also no artificial dyes or perfumes used in the product and the production facility is latex free. This way all kids can get messy, and stick their hands in their mouths.

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Mmmmmm Soup!

I love making soups. Especially when the weather is rainy like it has been the past few days. So while I wait for the summer weather to return I have been cooking up some yummy squash soups. My favourite one I have made recently is a curry squash soup. Partly because it is quite tasty but also because it is ridiculously easy.


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All Quiche Should Be Crusted in Bacon

I didn’t think it was possible to make such a magical quiche. This is pretty much the ultimate greasy breakfast food. I can feel my arteries clogging while eating and I am loving every minute of it! It also just happens to be gluten free and has the ability to be dairy free if needed. Extra bonus points!

I was inspired by a picture I found on but the instructions to go with it were very vague, so I improvised.


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Broccoli and Hummus Belong Together

b233ebdaaae58c61d98b9115e5835f5aThis recipe is so simple that I don’t even know if it counts as a true recipe but oh my is it ever good! I found it on and am officially addicted.

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Yummy Green Pudding

I know, it sounds crazy, but this avocado pudding is sooooo delicious. I made it as a fluke. I was trying to use up a very ripe avocado by putting in a smoothie but before I added the last few ingredients it developed this pudding-like consistency. I gave it a try and found it so good that I scratched the smoothie and just ate it as was. It is now my go to sweet treat when I have an avocado about to go bad. I have found from experience though¬†that you will want to eat the pudding within a day of making it, otherwise it starts to loose it’s consistency and oxidize.

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