A Summary of 23

Tomorrow, March 21st, will be my 23rd birthday. Though the number is not one that usually holds much significance, my 23rd years has probably been one of my most eventful ones to date. More changes, challenges, adventures and accomplishments have filled 23 than I could have ever imagined. I started flipping through my calendar from the past 12 months and here are a few memorable moments I came across. It isn’t a complete list, simply a sampling of all the amazing things that have blessed my latest year of life.

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Gratefulness Challenge Day 27

My oh my did yesterday bring about some big ideas as to what the next year is going to involve for me. It felt a little bit like standing at the edge of a pool right before jumping into the deep end. Thank goodness the first thing I wrote about during the Gratefulness Challenge was my appreciation for change because it feels like there is a lot of it coming my way. With this in mind today’s items have themed themselves around the idea of new chapters in life.

1. Access to resources: I was in a meeting earlier this week and we brought up how fortunate we are to have so many resources at our disposal. Things such as business workshops, guides for writing contracts, and budget templates. Today I had a free information meeting with Dance Umbrella of Ontario and it brought the same thought to mind. There are so many organizations who have put the effort in to offering free or affordable resources for the general public. It is so helpful on both professional and personal levels to have these tools at my disposal.

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