I Think I Might Be Falling In Love With Toronto

Words I never thought I would say. I’ve always been under the impression from meeting people and from my own experience that for the most part the people in love with this city are the ones who were born and raised here. My answer when people ask about how I feel about living in Toronto generally goes something along the lines of the following: “I love the life living in Toronto offers me, I’m not sure if I really love the city itself.”

I’ve heard that it takes a good five years before a new city really starts to feel like home. But feeling at home in this city hasn’t been the issue. My five year anniversary is quickly approaching and I feel very at ease calling Toronto my home. I have an apartment I love, a neighbourhood I enjoy, a slew of phenomenal friends and work which makes me happy. So how did I get from simply feeling at home in Toronto to falling in love with the city? I don’t have a definite answer, but I have a few ideas.

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Gratefulness Challenge Day 11

I planned for Monday to be busy and productive. Then I woke up all sniffly and decided that a day of rest was much more important. Therefore today’s Gratefulness Challenge entry has become about taking care of the most important person I have in my life: myself.

1. My home: I think this one is so important to me because for most of my childhood my family moved houses a lot. Also, I live very far away from where I grew up therefore have had to create my current life largely from scratch. There is a big difference between a house and a home. A house is just a building, but a home is somewhere where you feel comforted and at ease. There is something there worth coming back to: memories, belongings, people. Moving so much has really made me value that sense of home and made it a priority of mine to create that feeling when I move somewhere new.

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