Knowing My Injured Body

So first lets start with a reality check. If you are partaking in a physical activity on a professional level, chances are you are going to get hurt. Actually, in all honesty, you will get hurt. I’d go so far as to put money on it and I bet I’d walk away a very wealthy woman. Our bodies are amazing creations able of withstanding unbelievable amounts of physical strain, but everyone has a breaking point. And if you are going to dedicate your life to constantly pushing your body’s physical abilities, there will come a day where you push just a little too far and something has to give. Athletes seem to understand this fact. Many dancers though do not seem to have accepted this grim reality.

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Gratefulness Challenges Days 23 and 24

My oh my! I can’t believe that I missed a day of my Gratefulness Challenge! Sometimes the day takes a turn that you just weren’t planning and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about it. With Valentine’s Day and then Family Day today in Ontario the week just caught me off guard a little more than expected. Hence the need for this double bill of a gratefulness post.

1. Determination: The past five days have been, to say the least, hard and I still have a few tough days left to get through. Some mornings I have woken up and all I wanted to do was roll over and fall back asleep. Some nights I would be heading out wondering why I couldn’t just be heading home. I haven’t really stopped much this week and it hasn’t been easy but it has brought many rewards. Sometimes you just have to get through stuff and push your body further than you ever have before.

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Gratefulness Challenge Day 4

Today is the first day that while writing I am reminded of why blogging scares me a little. This is the first post I am putting out there which includes opinions of mine that I know some people are strongly opposed to. So if you don’t like this one, maybe this blog isn’t right for you…? Don’t worry, I won’t take personally. And now back to your regular scheduled programming. The gratefulness challenge continues…

1. My C-I Training practice: When I was completing my dance degree I had this phenomenal professor, Donna Krasnow, who absolutely changed my life both on a personal and professional level. Meeting her might just end up being another item on the list on a day to come because she was THAT influential. Along with being a spectacular artists and teacher she was also profusely educated in a diverse range of subjects, including dance science. One of the thousands of wonderful things Donna has accomplished is to use her knowledge of dance and science together to create a conditioning program specifically for dancers. C-I Training, which stands for conditioning with imagery training, specifically targets the trouble areas dancers often have, therefore helping artists prevent and recover quicker from injuries. Furthermore, the use of imagery in the work helps the skills learned during the training transfer easier into more traditional dance settings.

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