Gratefulness Challenge Day 22

Today’s Gratefulness Challenge post seems to have taken a more serious and introspective tone than yesterday’s. Maybe it’s because of taking all that time for myself yesterday. It gave me a chance to contemplate where I am at in this moment and how I relate to the rest of the world. Hopefully my ramblings come across as coherent. They feel very fresh and raw today.

1. Gut feelings: Also known as intuition. I tend to call them gut feelings because I literally feel them deep inside me. Not everything can be explained. Sometimes for no obvious reason you just know what you need to do. You can sense that something is out of sync regardless of what the facts are showing you.

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Gratefulness Challenge Day 14

So I had today’s Gratefulness Challenge post half written yesterday. Then I attended a workshop in the afternoon with Canadian dance icon Margie Gillis and I felt the need to scrap everything and start again. I don’t feel necessarily ready to specifically talk about the workshop, still too much to think about, but it did make a few new things jump higher up on the list of things I am grateful for today. How wonderful it is when just a few hours can shake your world that much.

1. Oversaturation: You know that feeling when you are listening to someone talk and what they are saying is either so life changing or so complex that you literally feel your brain swelling from trying to hold all the new thoughts. You sit a pray that you can remember even a smidgen of what you are being told because you just know that the information is that precious. That was me for three hours today. I couldn’t soak up information fast enough.

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