Gratefulness Challenge Day 16

Today’s Gratefulness Challenge post makes my Saturday sound a lot calmer than it actually was. Perhaps I should go to yoga before a full work day more often. Apparently the zen feeling carries all the way through the day.

1. Ritual: It can be as simple as always having the same morning routine, but there is something about ritual that is so soothing and spiritual. Some rituals that are very important to me include my warm up before starting a dance class, making my bed before leaving the house, journaling before going to bed and checking post secrets every Sunday morning around 12:30am. Also, all my favourite physical activities include a form of ritual. C-I Training, yoga and dance are all very full of ritual. I even find myself drawn to the teachers who make the ritualistic component of these activities a focus in their teaching style. For me ritual brings brings a sense of peace and helps me remain centred within my body. Partaking in rituals grounds me and brings focus to my busy life. When I am centred within myself I feel free to enjoy chaos that might be taking place around me.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

Maybe you’ve seen this picture already, but if you haven’t take some time to read it over and contemplate the true meaning of love. I’ve spoken before about women’s rights and respectful men, and below is a fantastic example of exactly that. Ride for a Dream is a Canadian organization dedicated to ending violence against women. In partnership with the White Ribbon Campaign (another great organization of men dedicated to ending violence against women), Ride for a Dream raises money through organizing bike rides across Canada. I actually know some young men who did one of these trips last summer, truly inspirational.

The picture I am sharing with you was originally posted on Ride for a Dream’s blog and is now trending on many social network sites. I think is one of the best things that could go viral, especially in honour of Valentine’s Day.

Gratefulness Challenge Day 7

Wow! Already one week in to the Gratefulness Challenge! How time flies when you’re having fun blogging (never thought I’d say THAT). I just wanted to mention that I am not listing these items in any particular order. I am writing about things I am grateful for which specifically relate to the 24 hours before the post, so depending what I have been up to that day the things I am focused on vary. This week has been a lot of working from home and trying to check things off lists. Next week looks like it is going to involve more going out and doing the projects I have been preparing for. I don’t know about you, but I’m interested to see how that changes what I write about.

1. Changing Seasons: Ok so this one really isn’t that exciting. I’m not a big fan of winter. It’s fun for about a week or so and then there’s just a lot of slush and ice and cold. I’m not a big fan of cold either. Sure there are some things I love about winter, like staying cozy at home while drinking tea, going skating and making snow angles, but those aren’t part of my daily life.

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