Gratefulness Challenge Day 10

Day ten! Not only have I made it to double digits (remember how exciting that was as a kid?) but I am a third of the way through my gratefulness challenge! Haven’t run out of things to be grateful for yet. Here’s to another 20 awesome days!

1. The generosity of others: I am always amazed at how much people are willing to give for nothing. Considering we live in a culture that is frequently described as selfish, self centred, and financially driven, the fact that I still see so much generosity makes me really glad. Perhaps I simply choose to see the world through a very optimistic lens, but I’d rather believe that people just genuinely enjoy giving.

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Gratefulness Challenge Day 7

Wow! Already one week in to the Gratefulness Challenge! How time flies when you’re having fun blogging (never thought I’d say THAT). I just wanted to mention that I am not listing these items in any particular order. I am writing about things I am grateful for which specifically relate to the 24 hours before the post, so depending what I have been up to that day the things I am focused on vary. This week has been a lot of working from home and trying to check things off lists. Next week looks like it is going to involve more going out and doing the projects I have been preparing for. I don’t know about you, but I’m interested to see how that changes what I write about.

1. Changing Seasons: Ok so this one really isn’t that exciting. I’m not a big fan of winter. It’s fun for about a week or so and then there’s just a lot of slush and ice and cold. I’m not a big fan of cold either. Sure there are some things I love about winter, like staying cozy at home while drinking tea, going skating and making snow angles, but those aren’t part of my daily life.

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