Gratefulness Challenge Day 2

Well the world definitely decided to challenge me yesterday when it came to being grateful. Knowing that I had to wake up the next day and come up with 3 things I was grateful for actually helped make the frustrations a little easier to deal with.┬áHence day 2 of my Gratefulness Challenge has naturally themed itself “how to get through the not-so-great moments.”

1. Having a thick skin: On days when things just aren’t going quite as great as you planned a thick skin comes in pretty handy. Sometimes the people and events around us kind of suck! Generally though, a bad day isn’t one huge event, it is a series of teeny tiny events that when put together equal a terrible day. That was my day today. Nothing ridiculously bad happened, just a few not so awesome moments that got me kind of down. The reality is though that I don’t have much control over how the people around me choose to act, all I can do is choose how I am going to let their actions affect me. My thick skins lets other people’s issues (for the most part) roll off my back without causing any major damage.

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