Why Blogs Scare Me

I think it is safe to say that I am an outspoken person. I am known for speaking my mind, I tend to be very black and white in my thought processes and I love a good debate. Sometimes I even catch myself passionately standing up for the strangest of view points and wonder to myself, am I doing this because I believe in it, or am I just trying to prove a point? And maybe that’s why blogging scares me.

It is one thing to make your views known to those you are close with, or who are at least sitting across from you, but sending your thoughts out into the universe for all to see… that’s another can of worms. Who knows who could be reading what you write and what they could be thinking about it. The internet is a world of faceless individuals who seem harmless in the moment, but in reality their distance does little to lessen their impact. I picture a swarm of indistinguishable voices cackling at my grammar mistakes and scoffing at my tangents which have disguised themselves as thoughts.

And yet, I am beginning this blog. Why? Well there are a few reasons. For one I think that doing things that scare you is a good idea and, as already mentioned, blogs scare me. Secondly, I am constantly thinking, doing, and involving myself in many things at the same time. As hard as I try to write it all down, I can’t seem to remember it all and then I end up waisting hours wandering aimlessly through my brain trying to find that life changing thought from the week before. Thirdly, when people ask me what I am doing I’m so busy wandering through my brain trying to find that super important thought I lost that I don’t know what to say and tend to forget to share the most important parts of the story.

So mostly this blog is for me to try and remember what is going on in my life and to encourage me to write it down. Plus now when people ask what I’ve been up to and I can’t think of what to say, instead of offering my blank stare, I can suavely say, “oh, well you should check out my blog…”

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